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Top Piers for Fishing Enthusiasts near Southern Shores in the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks reigns as a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. If you're planning to cast your

line in the sparkling waters of OBX, we've got you covered with all the essential information you need to fish near the cottage. For a comprehensive guide on fishing in OBX, visit where you'll find a wealth of information and resources to enhance your fishing experience.

Fishing requires a valid fishing license, but don't worry, we have some convenient options for you. To acquire a fishing license, you have a few options. If you prefer a day pass, see below for piers where you can purchase a pass to fish on that pier for the day. However, if you require a full fishing license, you can conveniently purchase it online at Additionally, you can obtain licenses at TW's Bait & Tackle and Walmart in Kitty Hawk, both of which are a short drive of under 10 minutes from our cozy cottage.

Let's explore the fantastic fishing opportunities at some of the nearby piers, ranging from the closest to the farthest:

Top 3 Piers:

  1. Avalon Pier, Kill Devil Hills: Located just 15 minutes away from our cottage, Avalon Pier is a fantastic fishing spot. For those under 18, a daily pass costs only $6. You can rent rods for $8 per day and purchase bait separately. With operating hours from 6 am to midnight, you'll have ample time to enjoy your fishing adventure. Moreover, parking is free with a fishing pass, and the pier also features a bar and arcade games for added fun.

  2. Jennette's Pier, Nags Head: As the oldest fishing pier in OBX, Jennette's Pier holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Situated approximately 25 minutes from our cottage, this pier offers more than just fishing. You can explore indoor saltwater aquariums and educational exhibits during its operating hours from 6 am to 10 pm. A fishing pass for Jennette's Pier costs $14.

  3. Outer Banks Fishing Pier, South Nags Head: Located around 30 minutes away from our cottage, the Outer Banks Fishing Pier offers an energetic atmosphere. This popular pier is known for its vibrant bar, Fishheads, and is open 24 hours a day, ensuring you have plenty of time to cast your line. A fishing pass for this pier is priced at $12, and if you need a rod and reel rental, it's available for $7.

Honorable Mention: Kitty Hawk Pier: This pier, owned by the Hilton Garden Inn, offers yearly passes that may not be suitable for everyone due to their higher cost. However, it's worth mentioning since you can enjoy the stunning view of the pier from our Southern Shores beach.

Whether you're seeking a serene fishing experience or a lively atmosphere, the OBX fishing piers have something for everyone. Plan your fishing trip today and make lasting memories surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Outer Banks.

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